Little Neon Album Released!


I’m so pleased, nervous and excited to present to you this music that’s so near and dear to my heart it’s almost scary to share. If each album I’ve made marks a distinct period in my life, Little Neon‘s All That Glitters will always stand out in my mind as it follows my story from the moment I decided to move to Europe until just after I learned I was going to become a father. I know it follows an equally monumental timeline in my collaborator Justin Pursey’s life while he was co-writing, co-producing, and playing guitar on these tracks. With the help of monster drummer Koen Herfst, guest guitarist Paul Quinn, and mastering wizard Mika Jussila, we turned these thoughts and ideas that meant so much to us into an album that always will to me. And I truly hope with all my heart that this one means something to you. Listen, enjoy, and share at the links below starting today. 💙

Little Neon Debut Album + Video!

Watch the official video for Little Neon’s brand new single How To Explode, produced by EagleEyeArtz Productions and pre-order it now on iTunes along with our full-length debut album, “All That Glitters” at before it’s released worldwide on Friday, 11 August!

From Rock To Jazz

I’ve been walking the line between rock and jazz for a long time, from my early days as a musician in New York City to my touring years in Europe. Both worlds have been so highly influential to me and the more experience I’ve had in each, the more I’ve felt that both forms of music come from the same place – a place of rebellion.

This is the basis for my new touring show, “From Rock To Jazz” making its debut in Russia this April with dates in Europe to follow. Featuring jazz rearrangements of classic rock songs by Queen, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Scorpions, and more, I hope to shed new light on the origins of rock music while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of modern jazz.

Check back soon for tour dates and details and check out my version of ‘Wind of Change’ by Scorpions below!

New Release From LITTLE NEON!


Last Spring, my friend and former touring comrade Justin Pursey and I got to work on what has now become our band Little Neon’s soon-to-be-released first album.Somewhere along the line, we established this method of working wherein Justin would stay up pretty much all night recording song ideas on guitar, sending them to me early in the morning at which point I would wake up and take over, writing and recording vocals and playing bass usually all before 10am. As a result, this song emerged very quickly – almost without us even realizing it had happened. As we’ve had time to digest it, it’s become one of the most important songs on the album to us and a true example of what we each bring to the table in this band.
I truly hope this single finds a home in your heart as it has in mine. If it does, please take a moment to like it, stream it, download it, and share it!

LISTEN NOW: iTunesSpotify, GooglePlayYoutube

Upcoming Shows in The NL!

hyelection2Haagse Vrienden! I’m thrilled to finally have the chance to share my latest developments in jazz with you right here at home, sharing the stage with some fantastic musicians for a free show this Saturday night, 29 Oktober at Murphy’s Law in Den Haag. I’ll be trying out some brand new material I’ve been working on for my next Russian tour as well as bringing back some old favorites from my New York repertoire. Featuring: Albert Casan Milla (Guitar), Bill Scott Mookhoek (Bass) and Rob Vriens (Drums). I’ll also be hosting a special “Election Day Jam Session” with the same lineup on 8 November (US Election Day) at Jazzcafe Dizzy in Rotterdam. EVENT DETAILS HERE