New Documentary Now Online!

I’m very happy to share with you this film by my friends at Eagleeyeartz Productions. What began as a short documentary following my first Dutch festival performance at last year’s Nacht Van De Kaap in Rotterdam somehow expanded into a pretty comprehensive look at my entire music career up until now from my early days with EBE and Earth Minor to my metal years with Doro and U.D.O. all the way to my current life in jazz. Alongside stories and feelings on each phase, paired with behind the scenes and live concert footage, this documentary seems to also capture many of my over-arching theories on music as a whole. Please watch and share at and many thanks to Ilya, Kees, and everyone involved for your hard work in making this happen.

Hello, 2018!

Last year may have been a strange one for our world at large, but I’ll always remember 2017 as a landmark year in my life and career. In addition to my first year of fatherhood, I somehow managed to compile three separate repertoires of music which I toured around the world, reaching from the shores of the Sea of Japan to the Port of Rotterdam. I also released my seventh album of original music via Little Neon’s ‘All The Glitters’ and started a new project and album with a a true rock legend which is almost complete. (News on that coming soon…)

2018 looks to be just as interesting, with shows already lining up across Europe, Russia, and maybe even my old stomping ground, New York City. More to come as it all comes together. Until then enjoy this performance from my last tour of my take on David Bowie’s “Life On Mars?” live in Novosibirsk, RU with the Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band.

From Rock To Jazz in de Haven!


On the heels of my first Dutch festival performance this past weekend at De Nacht Van De Kaap, I’m very proud to announce my second. I’ll be playing a “From Rock To Jazz” set at Jazz in de Haven in The Hague on Saturday night, 16 September with Stef van Es on guitar, Boris Oud on bass, and Danny Kegel on drums.

Visit their website here for more info.

Watch My Full Minsk Concert Now!

Live In Minsk, 2017Now you can watch my full From Rock To Jazz concert ‘LIVE IN MINSK’ on my youtube channel: This show was one of the major highlights of my year, so I’m thrilled to be able to share “the magic of the moment” with you here in its entirety. Please subscribe, share, and enjoy!

Little Neon Album Released!


I’m so pleased, nervous and excited to present to you this music that’s so near and dear to my heart it’s almost scary to share. If each album I’ve made marks a distinct period in my life, Little Neon‘s All That Glitters will always stand out in my mind as it follows my story from the moment I decided to move to Europe until just after I learned I was going to become a father. I know it follows an equally monumental timeline in my collaborator Justin Pursey’s life while he was co-writing, co-producing, and playing guitar on these tracks. With the help of monster drummer Koen Herfst, guest guitarist Paul Quinn, and mastering wizard Mika Jussila, we turned these thoughts and ideas that meant so much to us into an album that always will to me. And I truly hope with all my heart that this one means something to you. Listen, enjoy, and share at the links below starting today. 💙