New Release From LITTLE NEON!


Last Spring, my friend and former touring comrade Justin Pursey and I got to work on what has now become our band Little Neon’s soon-to-be-released first album.Somewhere along the line, we established this method of working wherein Justin would stay up pretty much all night recording song ideas on guitar, sending them to me early in the morning at which point I would wake up and take over, writing and recording vocals and playing bass usually all before 10am. As a result, this song emerged very quickly – almost without us even realizing it had happened. As we’ve had time to digest it, it’s become one of the most important songs on the album to us and a true example of what we each bring to the table in this band.
I truly hope this single finds a home in your heart as it has in mine. If it does, please take a moment to like it, stream it, download it, and share it!

LISTEN NOW: iTunesSpotify, GooglePlayYoutube

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