On the Wings of Wacken…

IMG_1866It’s Tuesday morning in The Hague and just one week ago, I started the second set of rehearsals with U.D.O. and the German Army Concert Band for our show at Wacken last Thursday.  There was no doubt in my mind that the experience would at least be a unique one, but sitting on the other side of it today, I can honestly and proudly say that it was one of the real triumphs of my musical life so far.  The orchestra themselves were superlative musicians – never out of tune, always on time and so warm and welcoming to us musically and with their friendships.  By the time we hit the Wacken stage on Thursday, we were no longer two separate entities, but one big band.  Of course I can’t forget the brilliant choir I got to direct who put their all into the vocals and their performances.  I truly feel so lucky to have these opportunities and experiences in life.  To meet such exceptional, devoted people.  Many thanks to U.D.O., the Musikkorps de Bundeswher and their crew, the Redhead Audio team, my metal choir, the I.T.M. Agency, and Wacken for making it all come together.  To view the last 20 minutes of our set, head to the Pictures and Videos page or simply click the link below.


Click Here To Watch!

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